Loans to protested? Yes, it is possible!

Loans to protested? Yes, it is possible!

There is a difficult condition to live especially when you want to ask for a loan: that of the protestor

What are we talking about exactly? What is the condition of the protest and, above all, can it borrow?

Let’s start from the base. The protest, according to Wikipedia , is that public act in which a bill or a check is presented to the debtor and the relative refusal to pay or accept the title . In other words, the protest verifies by a notary or a bailiff a non-payment and allows those who have the right to obtain the sum.

Loan Application

This means that the protested person, or the person affected by the protest, will be forced to pay the amount and will suffer a series of rather serious consequences. First of all it will be included in the list of Protestants of the CAI , Interbank Central Alarm, and will have difficulty in obtaining a loan.

We are particularly interested in the last point. Loans to protesters are difficult to obtain because it is assumed that the delay in payment can be repeated, and that the person already affected by a protest is a bad payer.

Loans to protesters: it is possible with the assignment of the fifth


It seems like a final sentence for your loan, but there is a remedy for all this. There are forms of credit that can overcome the obstacles of protesters: the simplest and most immediate is the famous cession of the fifth .

In fact, among the characteristics of the salary assignment, there is the agreement stipulated between the institution providing the loan and the employer . At a time when the protestant requests the loan and chooses the fifth assignment formula, the creditor draws from the debtor’s pay slip and overcomes any risk of insolvency.

The salary assignment can be requested by public and private employees with an indeterminate contract active for at least three months. Consequently, the 20% (one-fifth) installment of the fixed salary can also be a guarantee for protesters who request a loan.

There are people who ask for loans to afford a trip, to support a pleasure expense or a medical journey , there are people who want to buy a new car and others who, unlike others, want a loan to start again . This is why loans to protesters are possible.


Cession of the fifth retirees how does it work?


As a pensioner, thanks to the INPS agreement, you will be able to access the Cession of the fifth pensioner.

What is it?

Pension loan

This form of financing requires that the withholding of the loan installment be debited to the pension directly by the INPS. In fact, the INPS will pay it monthly to the financial institution and you will no longer have to worry about remembering the payment of the installments, it will all be done automatically.

What is the maximum installment that can be paid with the fifth of the pension?


The calculation of the fifth is carried out on the monthly net pension, this means that for a pensioner who receives a monthly pension of 1,000 euros the maximum installment that can be transferred to pay the loan will be 200 euros, this does not mean that it will be possible to pay an installment for a lower amount, normally the minimum payment is about 60 euros, so it is possible to access the fifth pensioner even if you receive a pension of 600 euros.

The duration of the loan can vary from 5 to 10 years, which will allow you to get even large amounts up to € 40,000.

The maximum age to apply for a pension assignment? 86 years at the end of the financing. Therefore if you are 76 years old you can apply for a loan with a maximum duration of 10 years.

Another advantage not to be underestimated is the compulsory insurance policy by law included in the financing, this policy completely covers the risk of premiere, thus avoiding tomorrow the compensation on the heirs because the insurance will go to extinguish the financing completely.

Access to the salary loan is very simple because the only documents required are: Identity card, health card and the pension slip.

No guarantors are required, the only guarantee will be your pension, and no reasons or justifications for the financing are required.

Is it possible to finance all pension categories?

Unfortunately there are some pension categories that are excluded from this financing and are:

  • civil disability
  • social allowance

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